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Witamy w sklepie internetowym Bees Treasure
Welcome in Bees Treasure online store

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The best way to source tasty natural honey and bee products from a local apiary. Each subscription directly helps the beekeeper. You support him in running the apiary and taking care of bees – important pollinators of crops and local plants. Thanks to subscription sets, which will satisfy all budgets and tastes, everyone will find something for himself.

All arguments for subscribing our sets:
– you get discount on our products and additional gifts,
– honey went through a short journey from the hive to the jar and next to you,
– it does not contain any additives, colourings, preservatives, etc.,
– it has very rich nutritional, health and cosmetic properties,
– it is not standardised and has inimitable taste, depending on the variation,
– it is worth purchasing product locally, because of the presence of pollens from the surroundings (consuming such honey in the winter makes allergies in the summer easier to endure),
– you can buy other products from the apiary, which are hardly accessible in other places, for example bee pollen, bee bread, candles, propolis,
– you can buy unrepeatable variations of honey (depending on the forage occurring in the apiary neighbourhood), which you will futilely search for example in markets, for instance, they are lime honey, borage honey, heather honey, etc.

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      Flavoured honey set

      Rated 0 out of 5
      From: £28.00 / year
      Honeys enriched with dried fruits are a healthy variety of traditional products from our apiary. Honeys of creamed structure are gained in a special process of crystallization. They are appreciated by many customers thanks to their interesting tastes and ease of spreading them on bakery products.   In the Flavoured honey…
    • Rated 0 out of 5

      Connoisseur set

      Rated 0 out of 5
      From: £33.00 / year
      Inimitable taste, depending on the variety of honey. Consistency, sweetness and health properties of honey depend to a large extent on the flowers from which the honey comes from. Some honeys have a gentle taste, while the others are strongly aromatic. Some honeys are perfect for baking, some for sweetening…
    • Rated 0 out of 5

      Daily immunity booster set

      Rated 0 out of 5
      From: £60.00 / year
      Wzmacnianie odporności warto zacząć wcześniej. Gdy odporność jest obniżona, często łapiesz infekcje, szybko się męczysz, źle sypiasz. Możesz wzmocnić swój układ odpornościowy, zażywając produkty pszczele  z naszej pasieki.Wzmocnienie odporności jest ważne, by nasz organizm sam mógł się bronić przed wirusami bakteriami i grzybami. Gdy do naszego organizmu wtargną drobnoustroje chorobotwórcze,…
    • Rated 0 out of 5

      Honey eater set

      Rated 0 out of 5
      From: £100.00 / year
      The majority of unfamiliar with beekeeping honey eaters are not even aware of the fact that in reality these are bees that produced the honey and beekeepers only deal with its extraction. Bees have to visit more than 2 mln flowers to produce 1 kg of honey and they cover…


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