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Beeswax – natural secretion of bees with wide range of application


Beeswax is a natural secretion of bees used for the construction of combs, where young bees are raised and honey and feather are stored. A bee family uses up to 5 kg of natural honey to produce 1 kg of wax. In good conditions a bee family can produce 2-3 kg of wax in a season.

Wax has found its application in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and decorative industries, among others. There is also a growing number of people appreciating the health properties of beeswax released during the burning of wax candles.

The value of the valuable medicinal ingredients extracted from wax candles cannot be overestimated. A room full of honey aroma is saturated with negative ions, which are very much needed in the age of computers and increasing environmental pollution. The microclimate created in the room induces a surge of optimism in people within its range, giving them the strength to overcome everyday difficulties, changing problems into manageable ones and turning breakdowns into a surge of energy and health.

Wax candles

They should be burned for fifteen to sixty minutes a day. Candles are handmade from pure, natural beeswax and a cotton wick, which is recommended to be extinguished with wet fingers.

Properties of wax candles

  • Relieves ailments of the respiratory system, lung diseases, asthma, rhinitis and allergies,
  • Cleanses the air from mould, viruses and dust,
  • Burns smokelessly,
  • Has the nice and original appearance of a pure product from nature,
  • Supports the cardiovascular system, stabilises blood pressure, facilitates concentration,
  • Burning a wax candle neutralises the effects of electromagnetic radiation produced by electronic and electrical appliances, 
  • Helps to calm down and relieves stress. They help you fall asleep (not only because they improve the quality of air in the room), putting you in a relaxed mood. Natural beeswax candles leave a pleasant scent of honey and propolis in the room, 
  • They neutralise unpleasant odours, such as the smell of tobacco smoke,
  • They are economical and ensure longer burning – the burning time in comparison to paraffin is even 3 times longer, and in comparison to vegetable waxes – 2 times longer,
  • Lack of artificial additives makes a burning candle ionise the air favourably.

How to choose a beeswax candle?

To be able to fully enjoy the health benefits of candles, it is important to choose only those made of 100% beeswax. You can find many wax candles on the market that contain only 50% beeswax, which is unfortunately enough for the manufacturer to label such candles as “made of beeswax”. Special attention should be paid to this. 

It is best to reach for tried and tested products coming directly from real, local apiaries.

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