Witamy w sklepie internetowym Bees Treasure
Welcome in Bees Treasure online store
Witamy w sklepie internetowym Bees Treasure
Welcome in Bees Treasure online store

Our company

For us, beekeeping is a passion and a philosophy of life.

My adventure with these amazing insects was the result of a true moment of inspiration. One morning made the last 10 years of my life filled with passion. From the very beginning I wanted my bees to inhabit the best areas and lead a happy life. Hundreds of hours spent studying and observing these insects have developed my awareness and knowledge of how to obtain bee products with the least possible interference with the natural processes occurring in the hive.

Each bee colony is different but they all have taught me the same thing – patience in pursuing a goal and respect for these wonderful creatures. Currently, my wife and I take care of 100 bee families living in the areas far from cities. We wanted this project to be completely ours and we wanted every single detail to fit into our concept. We created the sketch of our logo ourselves and with the help of our family our vision has taken shape.

Bees Treasure mission

The philosophy in which we believe, treating beekeeping as a link of a lost tradition, determines our choices. Hence our attachment to traditional methods. Our hives are exclusively made of wood and our methods of care are based only on natural means. 

Each jar of honey, pollen or any other of our products is a treasure for us, precious nature covered with a lid. Caring for our bees and paying great attention to detail, we want to make sure that our products will allow you to move, even for a moment, to the wonderful meadows, or remind you of the flavours of childhood.

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