Witamy w sklepie internetowym Bees Treasure
Welcome in Bees Treasure online store
Witamy w sklepie internetowym Bees Treasure
Welcome in Bees Treasure online store

About us

For us, beekeeping is a passion and a philosophy of life. Currently, my wife and I take care of  bee families living in the areas far from cities. We wanted this project to be completely ours and we wanted every single detail to fit into our concept. Each jar of honey, pollen or any other of our products is a treasure for us, precious nature covered with a lid.

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Set of methods included in natural medicine, using bee products, such as honey, bee glue (known as propolis), bee bread, herbal honey, beeswax , bee pollen, royal jelly, mead and apitoxin.

Bees for sale

Package bees are offered for sale at the end of May beginning of June, depending on the weather.



Beeswax – natural secretion of bees with wide range of application

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What honey is and what its prosperities are 

The history of honey starts in the Cenozoic Era, about 60 million years ago, when in the world appeared bees…

Beekeeper. One of the oldest professions in the world

It is a well-known fact that honey is made thanks to bees, however, not everyone is aware of what exactly…

Why are bees dying – wordlwide problem in recent years

The phenomenon of the mass extinction of bees has become a worldwide problem in recent years and has led scientists…

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